Have you heard about Police Identity Disorder?

By guest author Dr. Stephanie M. Conn Do you remember what you were like when you became a police officer?  How does this person compare to who you are today?  Chances are, if it was just last year that you joined, you are not a drastically different person but I would bet you are different. Continue reading “Have you heard about Police Identity Disorder?”

A “little bit” of PTSD?

Telling people they have “a little bit of PTSD” is like telling people with a sunburn that they have “a little bit of a third degree burn.” Like they say in the insurance commercial, “That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.” Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is probably one of theContinue reading “A “little bit” of PTSD?”

Can it be this simple?

I grew up in Motown, listening to Motown music, and I still remember hearing Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 singing “ABC.” It has me asking the question today, “Can making a difference in the phenomenon of law enforcement suicide be that simple? I didn’t say “easy,” I said “simple.” And the answer is, thereContinue reading “Can it be this simple?”

Another hero died today . . .

by guest author Karen Solomon Another hero died today; his name is but a whisper on the wind. His children will walk alone to the first day of school, his daughter will not have an escort to Prom, the family will lose their house due to financial difficulties and be unable to make the paymentContinue reading “Another hero died today . . .”