Questions to ask a suicidal person . . .

Many people reacted very quickly and very strongly to our last article regarding what NOT to say to a suicidal person.  Some disagreed with some (or all) of the statements in that list . . . but most just wanted to know how to be better prepared to intervene with someone having suicidal thoughts.  WhatContinue reading “Questions to ask a suicidal person . . .”

What NOT to say to a suicidal person . . .

Perhaps a friend or loved one has just told you about a desire to die, or perhaps you suspect that they are having trouble with suicidal thoughts because of other warning signs that you’ve seen.  Rather than shrink away from the challenge, your instinct is probably to want to help in some way, right?  KnowingContinue reading “What NOT to say to a suicidal person . . .”

“I Know I Have PTSD!”

Oh, really?  I like hearing that from police officers about as much as police officers like to hear someone say, “I know my rights!” on a traffic stop.  And just like you may be tempted to ask, “And exactly which law school did you graduate from?”, I am likely to wonder where you obtained yourContinue reading ““I Know I Have PTSD!””

Three Stages of Burnout

Just like a car needs friction on the road in order to move, we all need some stress in our lives in order to be able to function.  However, just like a car that is poorly maintained and overdriven, we can suffer from stress overload and end up in trouble if we are not careful. Continue reading “Three Stages of Burnout”