Today - My Physical Needs

What are you planning to do today to take care of your physical needs?

One of the first and most basic elements of resilience is the care of our physical being.  Many of us don’t treat our body well, whether it’s through the kinds of food and beverages we put in it, to the care we take to avoid sickness and disease, to the shape we allow ourselves to get in because we don’t exercise the way we should.  A reasonable plan for taking care of ourselves physically would include about 30 minutes of moderate exercise on a daily basis.  Spending that 30 minutes to renew yourself physically has the potential to improve the quality of the rest of your day.  It will enhance your capacity to work, and to adapt, and to enjoy the time you spend on other things.  So set a reasonable standard for yourself in the area of staying fit physically and do your best to make that happen every day.

These are just some simple suggestions to help you get started, of course.  Take some time to discover the approach that’s right for you, but make sure you are doing something each day to promote your physical health.  Your body is the vessel that will carry you through your entire life’s journey, so you must be determined to treat it well!

If you’d like to chat with one of our peer supporters who can help you with this and other stress management approaches, please send a message to and we’d be happy to make that happen. 

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