You Can Manage Stress with Healthier Eating

One of the most interesting things we discovered in our recent research is that only about one-third of first responders we surveyed said that they eat healthy and nutritionally balanced meals either “often” or “always.”  At the same time, it’s a sad fact that Americans are beset by "the diseases of civilization" - heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Our diet has a lot to do with that, and if you eat balanced, healthy meals, you are setting yourself up to be more resistant to stress.

Are there some “secrets” to eating healthy?  Depends on who is trying to sell you the latest fad diet plan, I suppose.  But you can save money and become healthier by taking control over your menu and its ingredients instead of relying on restaurants and fast food.  Here are some suggestions for getting started.

  • Vary the menu.  Pick up a new cookbook or watch some cooking videos online.  If variety is what you need, realize that it’s in your hands to control.
  • Shop carefully.  Fill your cart with whole foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  Avoid the junk food aisles.
  • Cut down on added sugar and salt and substitute other seasonings like onions, spices, and herbs.
  • Use healthy fats.  Avoid trans fats and eat appropriate amounts of food containing healthier types of fat.
  • Here’s the real “trick” if there is one: Measure your portions.  You can eat most of the foods you really enjoy as long as you consume them in moderation.

While our peer support specialists are not nutrition experts, we can here to chat with you as you struggle with anything that makes it more difficult for you to manage your stress and to build greater stress resilience.  Just send us a message at and someone will be happy to connect with you.

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