Call for Backup Virtual Training

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person training programs have been postponed, so we are supplementing our training schedule with virtual presentations of our signature Call for Backup class. We will include registration links for those opportunities here, along with information about any in-person training events that are scheduled.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The stress associated with law enforcement and other emergency services professions is enormous.  Individuals working in these most stressful occupations also face the probability that at some point in their career they will also be affected by some type of traumatic or critical incident stress.  This 4-hour workshop (the virtual version is 3 hours) will provide first responders and/or their family members the information necessary to recognize the signs and symptoms of job-related stress, especially as it relates to suicide, and also provide them with strategies that will enable them to provide immediate support for individuals who may be considering suicide.  Certificates are available.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Chaplain David R. Edwards is the president of Humanizing the Badge’s nonprofit organization and leads the team of peer support personnel for Humanizing the Badge.  He is an ordained minister, licensed social worker, and holds board certifications as a pastoral counselor and crisis response chaplain.  He is an approved instructor the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.

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