You Can Manage Stress by Practicing Your Faith

Our research shows that individuals who actively practice some type of faith are significantly less likely to suffer from the effects of stress. The number 1 spiritual practice among first responders is some from of prayer or meditation; yet research conducted by Call for Backup shows that 22% of first responders say they never meditate or pray about things that are beyond their control, versus only 12% who say they always do.

You Can Manage Stress by Avoiding Smoking

A review of the research shows us that overall, about 16-17% of first responders smoke cigarettes. Our own research has about the same result, with an additional 7% of participants stating that they avoid smoking “often,” meaning that they do occasionally smoke.

You Can Manage Stress with Exercise

Would it surprise you to learn (according to our own research) that only about one-quarter of first responder always or often follow a weekly exercise program? And our research has revealed that 24% of first responders do not follow any type of weekly exercise plan at all!