Stress Questionnaires

First responders work in environments that are fraught with a number of different kinds of stress, whether its internal (departmental) stress, external (community) stress, critical incident stress, cumulative stress, and family stress.  Your perception of the effect these different types of stress have on you can greatly affect you, not just mentally, but emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.  Your responses on these stress questionnaires will help you identify how stressful you perceive your work to be.

Download a PDF with scoring instructions here: Operational Stress Questionnaire

Download a PDF with scoring instructions here: Organizational Stress Questionnaire

Some people operate in highly stressful environments or have been beset by highly stressful life events, and yet seem to have very well-developed coping skills. We call this their “stress fitness.” For you, the difference between being more susceptible to stress-related concerns and being able to “handle” things as they come your way may be indicated by your responses on this “stress fitness questionnaire.”

Download a PDF with scoring instructions here: Stress Fitness Questionnaire

If you have concerns about your score on any of these questionnaires, please CONTACT US