Donations for the items on this page help us to provide FREE training for departments and agencies who request it.  Thank you!

Suicide Awareness Wristband

This 8″ silicone wristband in traditional suicide awareness colors (purple and teal) can be worn by any first responder or family member as a reminder of where to reach out for help during stressful times. Your donation of $10 for 2 wristbands includes the cost of shipping.


Stress Fitness Booklet

Designed as part of the Humanizing the Badge #CallForBackup Suicide Awareness and Prevention Campaign, this booklet provides first responders and/or their family members the information necessary to recognize the signs and symptoms of job-related stress, especially as it relates to suicide, and also provides them with strategies that will enable them to become more resistant to stress, and better prepared to handle the stress of a traumatic incident on the job.


“I Will Fear No Evil” Challenge Coin

This high quality 1.5″ coin is the perfect addition to every first responder’s every day carry to remind them they are never walking alone.


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