To Cope or Not to Cope

That’s not really the question, is it?  The real questions are: Why is it that some individuals are better at handling life’s challenges than others?  What separates those who control stress from those who are controlled by stress?  For some reason, it seems that bad habits are easy to pick up and hard to break,Continue reading “To Cope or Not to Cope”

What Can I Do to Prevent Suicide? Part 3

As we said in the beginning, suicide is a serious mental health problem that ultimately must be addressed by mental health professionals.  But you have encountered someone you care about that has been considering suicide as an option.  You have recognized the risk factors, warning signs, and possible trigger events.  You have responded by asking the right questions and leading them through considering the consequences.  Now it’s time to make sure they get the appropriate type of help.

What Can I Do to Prevent Suicide? Part 2

Someone you care about is showing signs that they may be at greater risk for considering suicide as an option to end the pain they’re going through. You’ve seen the warning signs, and you’re familiar with a recent event that may be triggering those kinds of thoughts. Perhaps they are making statements that you find very concerning. You want to help – but how?

What Can I Do to Prevent Suicide? Part 1

While suicide is a serious mental health problem that ultimately needs to be addressed by mental health professionals, it is not likely that a mental health professional is going to be the first one to come in contact with a person who is considering suicide. You are. But would you know what to do? One of the most common laments of family members and colleagues of someone who completes a suicide is that they “should have seen it coming,” and “I wish I could have helped.”

Three Stages of Burnout

Just like a car needs friction on the road in order to move, we all need some stress in our lives in order to be able to function.  However, just like a car that is poorly maintained and overdriven, we can suffer from stress overload and end up in trouble if we are not careful. Continue reading “Three Stages of Burnout”