You Can Manage Stress by Avoiding Smoking

A review of the research shows us that overall, about 16-17% of first responders smoke cigarettes. Our own research has about the same result, with an additional 7% of participants stating that they avoid smoking “often,” meaning that they do occasionally smoke.

You Can Manage Stress with Exercise

Would it surprise you to learn (according to our own research) that only about one-quarter of first responder always or often follow a weekly exercise program? And our research has revealed that 24% of first responders do not follow any type of weekly exercise plan at all!

We are in a crisis . . .

by guest author Kate I’m absolutely heartbroken over the loss of a local hero. The pain is far reaching, from family and friends to students and scouts and everyone in between. My heart hurts for all the loss they are sitting in tonight. Our job is to love and support. It’s sickening the comments beingContinue reading “We are in a crisis . . .”

Three Stages of Burnout

Just like a car needs friction on the road in order to move, we all need some stress in our lives in order to be able to function.  However, just like a car that is poorly maintained and overdriven, we can suffer from stress overload and end up in trouble if we are not careful. Continue reading “Three Stages of Burnout”