Nothing but great reviews!

I will definitely be putting your name in to see how we can bring you back. I am sure it will be no problem as your presentations had nothing but great reviews! – Aundrea Moore, Wyoming Trauma and EMS Conference Advertisements

Really drove the topic home . . .

“In my 20 year career as a police officer, I have only seen a handful of speakers that not only kept my attention but really drove a topic home and one of those speakers is David Edwards.” – Andrew Ellis, Deputy Chief of Police, Bluffton, Indiana

“It was okay to finally take a deep breath . . .”

“David’s presence provides calmness and a safe place to talk for not only the first responders but for people- like me- who love them. I have seen firsthand the impact that Call for Backup can have on officers and their families. I saw a fallen Dallas Police Officer’s mother smile in July for the first […]

This was probably the best . . .

I’ve accumulated over 1,000 training hours in my career and this was probably the best. We train for tools on the job such as firearms, taser, defensive tactics, etc. However we often lack training in handling the mental side of the job which could save the life of a fellow officer or even ourselves. – […]

Well presented, dynamic, and powerful . . .

I first witnessed David Edwards’ presentation on police suicide at the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Conference last Winter.   His presentation was very dynamic and provided a multitude of information and resources.  I asked Mr. Edwards to bring this training to the Madonna University Public Safety Leadership Institute and give a more in-depth presentation […]

I, like many others, fail to…recognize the signs . . .

All too often I, like many others fail to recognize others who may be struggling.  Your class brought to light these issues and has empowered us to be more aware, recognize the signs, and take action to help those who are struggling with traumatic events and the ideation of suicide. – Sgt. Travis Scantling, Bentonville, […]

This training is more important than most people realize . . .

This training is more important than most people realize with the constant stresses and pressures placed upon law enforcement.  I hope a light gleams in through darkness for the next officer who feels alone so they can make a call, each out, and hold on to a friend who is more than willing to be […]

This training can and will save a life . . .

The #CallForBackup training is invaluable, irreplaceable, unparalleled, and unequaled in quality and substance. This should be mandatory training for all law enforcement personnel, especially those in positions of leadership and management. It is without question that this training can and will save a life, and save a life today. – SA Jamey Gorsuch, ASAC, Fort […]

One of the best seminars I’ve attended . . .

I believe this is one of the best seminars I’ve attended in my 24 years of law enforcement.  Your passion to highlight a serious concern in our profession is humbling to me and I was honored to have attended.  I believe, without a doubt, this impactful awareness training will save lives. – Thomas Russell Jr., […]

Expertise and warm heart . . .

Our church and the first responders present with us (including fire fighters, police, paramedic, and sheriff deputy) were drawn in by David’s background and his passion for their well-being . . . his expertise and warm heart were evident. –  Dave Collins, Lead Pastor, LifePoint Church