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2024 Virtual Series: Pastoral Crisis Intervention

2024 Virtual Series: Pastoral Crisis Intervention

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2024 VIRTUAL TRAINING: Pastoral Crisis Intervention

DATE/TIME: Saturday, April 6, 13, 2024 from 8 am until 5 pm, Eastern Time
LOCATION: Zoom (link will be provided upon registration)

Course Description

Pastoral Crisis Intervention may be thought of as the integration of psychological crisis intervention with pastoral perspectives and resources. This newly revised course (previously known as Pastoral Crisis Intervention I & II) is designed to train participants in the use of psychological trauma and intervention techniques. This program does not provide instruction on spirituality or theology. Additionally, more specific advanced concepts and current field applications where pastoral crisis intervention will be covered. Chaplains, pastoral counselors, mental health professionals, ministers, and anyone interested in the use of faith- based resources in healing or enhancing their skills in responding to individuals in crisis should find this course of interest.
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